About Nigraan Sewa Sanstha

Who created the world and creatures around, who serves them food, place to live and powers them. Who observes their good and bad deeds, gives them birth and death, knows what occurs in our mind, who watches everyone, the magnificent, most powerful, owner of all the powers, God is the real 'Nigraan' (Caretaker).

After God, it is Human: the second 'Nigraan' (Caretaker). We, as Humans, are Nigraan. It is our duty to take care of our surroundings and give our best part to keep this world a beautiful & lovely place. We must keep our thoughts pure, do and adopt the best.

In any part of the world, sitting in our places we think about country's needs and review the limitations. It compels our heart to do something for our country's betterment. The motivation develops to go beyond the differences to do something for others. Every citizen has the right to make government aware of problems faced in country. Everyone must come ahead to do the good.

'Nigraan Sewa Sanstha' formed in April 2011 while keeping the target of serving humanity in our minds. From that time, with the grace of God, we started making efforts to serve the society and submitting any honors received in his feet.

Nigraan conducts seminars in jails for improving the mindset of prisoners to abandon the deeds for which they are booked. We organize programs in schools to make children aware of traffic rules and drug abuse with traffic police's help. We spread love in old age homes, braille bhawans to make them feel special and precious.

We wish to share everyone's sorrow and pain. We dream bigger to improve the world and your support will make possible for Nigraan Sewa Sanstha to do more. Nigraan can only move ahead with public's support, we cannot do much without your help and support. We request you to empower us by giving suggestions, time, and funding.

We are always thankful for your kind support.

Nigraan Sewa Sanstha: One World - One Light - One Family